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As mentioned, we observe on the SAT so we know all the exam procedures and different
situations that may occur on the test date and later on with Collegeboard.
So, we offer advising services for the SAT and also have the best SAT instructors to be well
prepared for the SAT exam

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  • Learn about the four different test question types
  • Develop exam skills and strategies
  • Take sample tests and receive personalized feedback

Why should you choose this course at The Council?

  • Be taught by AMIDEAST instructors themselves
  • Practice modules of the exam
  • Be equipped to anticipate question types and answer them confidently
  • Be provided with individualized advice and support

SAT Test Registration

  • We can help you register for your SAT guaranteeing a seat in your desired test center even
    if you can’t find it online yourself.
    And this can be done through 2 methods :

1- Online Registration

  • It’s not easy for students to register for their SAT on their own as they can make
    lots of mistakes that can cause problems on the test date including suspension or
    score cancellation.
  • We can eliminate these mistakes and go through the long registration process for
    you until you receive your admission ticket.

2- Local Registration

  • Sometimes students can’t find online available seats in their desired test centers
    “Schools”, so we came to a solution for this problem as we provide local
    registration through our office in collaboration with CollegeBoard.
    It’s basically a paper application to be filled by the student and mailed to
    CollegeBoard for registration.

Teaching Method 

  • Zoom


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SAT Courses

SAT 1 English, SAT 1 Math