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About Us:
– Opened in 2018
– Windsor Academy is a leading title for the childcare and early years education sector and is committed to supporting good practice in the provision of high quality integrated services for children, parents and the community.

Our Mission:
– Windsor International Academy understands the trust that you as parents place in us.
– Windsor International Academy provides a secure, warm, loving and welcoming environment for your child.
– Windsor International Academy and our staff are all approachable and aim to make the nursery a relaxed and happy place for everyone.

– Windsor International Academy understands a child needs the correct mix of fun, education, and safety in their crucial developmental years.

– Windsor International Academy has an ‘open and honest’ work ethic and will provide daily feedback on your child’s day with us to keep you as informed as we possibly can.

– We are passionate about what we do and would be delighted to answer any questions you have about what you can expect of us and our team at Windsor International Academy.

Our Features :
– English Language (American Curriculum + British Curriculum EYFS) in Jolly Phonics method helps the child to master the English language fluently
– Arabic language and Islamic sciences in the manner of Nour Al-Bayan
– The Noble Qur’an with intonation by a specialist with leave and religious education
– A second language, French classes weekly with Madame Abeer, a French language expert
– Social studies, etiquette
– Sciences and scientific and exploratory experiences with a specialist
– Teaching Drawing (pencil drawing – coloring – decoupage art – sculpture – mosaic – origami)
– daily Zumba & Workout
– Medical follow-up once a month
– online cameras to watch kids from anywhere in the world
– Qualify the child to accept international schools and pass experimental school exams and languages
– Every Thursday (Fun Day), birthday parties and monthly trips to entertainment places under full supervision
– A swimming pool is available all summer
– Serving three varieties of fresh, healthy meals and increasing the quantities if the child needs Breakfast – Lunch & Snacks
– Educational activities Reading – Music – Cooking & Planting
– Speech Specialist (private sessions
– a section on the Montessori games to develop children’s mental and academic skills
– There is a private bus
– Welcomes children from the age of seven months to seven years
– Windsor Nursery ( Day & night care)
– English
– Arabic
– French
– Science
– Math
– Quran
– social studies
– Art & Craft

Tuition fees :
– Monthly Fees = 2300 L.E
– Half Month fees = 1800 L.E ( 12 visits)
– Daycare: including three meals and activities (from Saturday to Thursday) = Fees = 150 L.E
– Night care: from 4 pm till 10 pm ( from Saturday to Thursday) including snacks and activities Fees = 30 L.E per hour.

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