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Swimming works to give young children self-confidence by learning new skills in the aqueous environment
It also works to break the barrier of fear and dread in children

Swimming works to increase the production of the hormone androgen responsible for happiness
It also works to gain the individual’s good habits and morals
Such as cooperation, love, brotherhood and friendship through working within the team

Swimming works to build ideal bodies on the physical, psychological and mental levels

Why swimmer Academy?
Because we are an academy accredited by the Ministry of Youth and Sports
Certified instructors from the Egyptian Swimming Federation are qualified to reach the championship level

Swimmer Academy instructors and instructors at the highest level of professionalism are qualified to deal with children

Follow-up with monthly nutrition with a nutrition specialist to treat obesity and thinness

Follow up strength and growth with a specialist educating the strength and rehabilitation of movement

Various entertainment programs for children to love swimming
Special courses for pets and stronger Aqua Baby program from 6 months to 3 years old

Special dates for women, water aerobics and hydrotherapy
Special dates for youth and the elderly

Subscription :

  • Groups: 4 children – 500 child subscription per month
  • Private: 1200 LE


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