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If you want a distinguished academy that combines the academic and entertainment side and education, then the Montessori method will meet all of us and more in the Rising Sun Academy.
The Academy is distinguished by:
By adopting the active learning method in the academy
Social skills development and behavior modification
Developing the child’s cognitive and cognitive skills
Developing the skill of attention, concentration, and how to communicate and interact

We are distinguished by developing the child mentally and physically by using the latest scientific and practical methods and methods as different as Montessori and various scientific experiments to install information, under the supervision of an integrated and specialized team on how to deal with children and communicate information to them …
We use a distinctive and integrated educational system that prepares your child to pass entrance exams for any school by:
Teaching correct English pronunciation (phonetics)
* The use of Nour Al-Bayan for the Arabic language
* Maths and counting
* Science
* Art and Activities
* Free Knowledge
* Skills Development
* Montessori

Monthly Fees = 550 L.E

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    07:00 - 14:00
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  • Wednesday
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  • Thursday
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  • Friday
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