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About Us:
– Founded in 2008
– An educational company that aims to build the child’s personality and rehabilitate parents, teachers and specialists by providing the latest specialized training programs.

– Our Service :
1- Shams and Badr Training Team:
– Training programs for children by specialized pedagogical trainers and rely on the latest educational and educational methodologies and edutainment (Edutainment) to build the traits of a successful personality for children through games, activities and stories loved by them from the age (4-12) years

These features are like:
– Goal Setting (a program that defines your goal)
– Take responsibility (I am responsible) program
– Self-Confidence (Trust and Go)
– Time management (your time treasure program)
– Listening and Communication Skills (Listening and Communication)
– Skills for Creative Thinking (Genius Program)
– Self-control (captain flight program)
– Build a healthy body (build your body)
– And other full programs and various one-day programs

2- Nuri product of the Holy Quran:
– It introduces an innovative methodology for teaching the Holy Qur’an by using graphic maps and various activities to explain and implant the meanings and stories of the Holy Qur’an surah for children.

Tuition Fees :
1- Program one day for kids = 85 L.E
2- Program 2 days = 170 L.E
3-Programs 4 days = 320 L.E
4- Programs 6 days training = 480 L.E

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