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About Us:
_ Real academy is the first IELTS Coaching Academy in Egypt that aims to help everyone become a qualified professional individual. Helping them with our multi-leveled English courses and our IELTS preparation course and Mockup exam, we make sure that we take the journey along with anyone who joins us, all the way till reaching the desired destination‌

_ Real Academy is the only certified entity that provides IELTS coaching,
Real Academy aims to guide people and provide them with the skills and hacks needed, along with a multi-level mockup exam, to ensure scoring the best results.

Our Vision
To be the leading destination in both, individual and corporation language training and education with progressing, innovative, global standards and trusted skilled-improvement system.

Our Mission
To set the most beneficial, result-oriented, learner-based, specific and clear educational values in accordance with optimum satisfaction in both community and coronation communication

Real Academy values quality, integrity, commitment to excellence, partnership and service demonstrated through all actions, communication and business conduct. And accordingly, we have our setting of ideals and principles.

_ To continually update our own knowledge of the field of young influence’s and adult education so that we are able to present current, well-grounded information to those we teach
_ To provide adult learners with learning experiences based on the core values of early care and education, current knowledge, and best practices in the field.
_ To fairly and equitably assess what adult students know and are able to do.
_ To ensure that our programs serve diverse adult learners (including diversity in language, culture, race/ ethnicity, and social class).

Our Course:
Core I :
IELTS learners must prepare for the IELTS test particularly if they have not taken an exam for some time. Learners should get comfortable with their English language first, focus on the weak skills and try to improve them. IELTS Core prepares you so that your English language is fit for your IELTS Exam.

_ 2 month
_ 2 sessions per week
_ 2:30 per session

Tuition fees : 2050 L.E
Core ll :
_ Students will be able to identify significantly more vocabulary words in contextualized conversations.
_ They will be able to identify and use simple expressions that indicate misunderstanding, or lack of understanding.
_ They will be able to express likes and dislikes.
_ They will be able to participate in short conversations on everyday activities using appropriate conversation skills and monitoring for listener comprehension.
_ They will be able to use intonation in their speech, as well as stress the proper syllable in new vocabulary words.
_ They will be able to read schedules and simple charts.
_ They will be able to read short simplified paragraphs on a single topic with familiar vocabulary.
_ They will be able to write simple, well formed sentences.
_ Use simple basic punctuation (e.g., capitalization, periods, commas, question marks
_ They will have mastered all the simple tenses. (past – present – future).

Duration :
_ 2 month
_ 2 sessions per week
_ 2:30 per session

Tuition fees : 2050 L.E
IELTS Exam Preparation
About this course :
1-Get coached on all weakness points and strength point.

2-Follow the designed curriculum to hit the needed band score.

3-Apply all techniques and tips to be ready for the exam.

4-Writing correction every session.

5-Speaking topics discussed daily.

6-Being exposed to the latest and most updated topics in writing and speaking.

7-Apply the different schemes for general and academic IELTS.

8-Get used to manage time to answer all questions.

9-Get Mock-Exams to be ready.

10-Plan the day of the exam tips.

11-Know how to tackle different questions and topics.

Duration :
1- IF it is weekdays: ( 2 Sessions per week – 3 hours per session )
IELTS Exam prep is [ 6 weeks – 36 hours ]

2- IF it is weekend: ( 1 Sessions per week – 4 hours per session )
IELTS Exam prep is [ 9 weeks – 36 hours ]

Tuition fees : 1650 L.E
About this course :

1- Focus on the basics of the Four main skills.
2- Review all needed IELTS grammar rules.
3- Build strong vocabulary bank.
4- build reading skills to different fields.
5- practice and learn listening tech.
6- build the comprehension skills.
7- Basic rules of sentence structure.
8- Types of paragraphs and essays.
9- Practice writing longer piece.
10- Conversation in IELTS topics.
11- know punctuation rules.
12- Summarize and comprehend.
13- Time management skills.
14- Get used to answer under pressure.

Duration :
_ IF it is weekdays: ( 2 Sessions per week – 3 hours per session ) ELTS 1 is [ 4 weeks – 27 hours ] + One session for [ IELTS Mock Exam ]

_ IF it is weekend: ( 1 Session per week – 4 hours per session) IELTS 1 is [ 6 weeks – 27 hours ] + One session for [ IELTS Mock Exam ]

Tuition fees : 3850 L.E

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