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About Us :
• Has been open for one year.
• The nursery was opened because we as a team have a great love for children and are passionate about giving our students the best early education.
• As we believe that each and every child deserves a quality schooling experience from the earliest age and they will receive true unconditional love from every team member here at the nursery.
• On a day to day basis, the children will take one hour of English sessions by a native English instructor.
• Also, the children will study Arabic language and Quran to help the children to memorize the Holy Book.
• Every week the children will make a phonics craft depending on the phonetic sound studied that week.
• As well as Letter crafts for Arabic study.
• In the Nursery we have a set weekly menu for the children including; rice, chicken, and molokeya or koshary.
• The children will be welcomed in the morning from 8 am and the day will finish at 4 pm.
• There is supervision by one of the teachers every afternoon until 6 pm with extra fees payable at the time of children picks up by parent/guardian.
• In the nursery, we have a Native English instructor and Egyptian Arabic and Assistant teachers.

Monthly Fees: 2500 L.E
Weekly Fees: 700 L.E
Daily Fees: 150 L.E

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