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Our vision:
our nursery is not just a place to learn, it is an enlightenment torch leads our kids and shows them the right way to build their future lives

Our mission:
is to raise a new generation armed with knowledge, experience, and science. Besides, we intend to raise your kids in the basics of tolerance, collaboration, and superior humanitarian ethics.

Our own specifications:
– our elite qualified teachers and trainers give your kids the necessary care they need.
– we prepare your kids to join class A international and language schools.
– we depend on the best and the most creative education programs (such as, Montessori، painting, and music)
– we give more attention to religious education with 3 days a week Quran classes.
– we also make practical science experiments presented by qualified experts.
– With us, your kids are always entertained and full of joy, either in occasional parties or birthday parties.
– We have made contracts with elite and qualified specialists in
– Behavior and speech modification.
– We provide monthly reports (and daily if needed) regarding your kids and how they improve.
– Besides regular work hours, we provide additional after-work hosting from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm.
– The nursery has no medical clinic
– We have no daily meals for the kids, either paid meals or included in the monthly fees
– Official hours are from 7.30 a.m to 3.00 p.m, from Sunday to Thursday

Monthly fees:
– Less than 2 years = 400 LE
– Above 2 years = 350 LE

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