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Nova is not just a nursery, it is literally a home away from home. We provide your child with a nurturing environment that helps them grow their independence and a unique personality that is sure to out-stand in whatever future career they choose in life.

Our Goal:
Our main goal is to help our preschoolers to reach their full potential, by helping them develop the independent personality that would lead them in their future lives towards being successful people and pioneers in their fields, by applying the latest and best educational curricula that has been developed, tested and proven to be successful worldwide.

Our Vision:
We are dedicated to giving back to our society by innovating the concept of nurseries in our country. We seek to be leaders in the domain by paving the way for others to follow our integrated educational path.

Our Promise :
We at Nova Nursery are committed to providing an integrated environment, that is balanced and healthy for our children’s emotional and physical well being, through applying the latest teaching methods and curricula by our team of dedicated educators.

Nova From Within:
What makes Nova outstanding is its convenient spaciousness which provides a pleasant and comfortable environment for your child.
Our warm and cozy classrooms make your child feel truly comfy like no other place.
Our interior colors are carefully chosen to make your child feel relaxed, happy and focused.
We did not miss a detail! We made sure to have our furniture- child-friendly as well to optimize their comfort and happiness.

Nova focuses on the improvement of certain aspects in the childhood stage; Intellectual encouragement, language understanding, physical training for major milestones as well as developing a sense of emotions through self-awareness to cover kid’s critical emotional needs.
Each child needs to develop a sense of environment and awareness, express emotions and deal with different faces to enhance the development process.
At Nova and by means of knowledge, application, and expertise in this field, it’s been found that following certain teaching methodologies will differentiate our outcome; our kids’ development progress via creating a safe environment with well-trained teachers and culturally aware supervision.
Nova Curriculum has been developed by combining various techniques together: Montessori, McMillan, Steiner, and Piaget “learning through structured and unstructured play”
Application is carried out through four main dimensions with a mixture of the IB system application:
• Motor skills, numeracy skills, and broadening
• Language and socio-emotional arts
• Creativity, conceptual development
• Science, connection

All Services
After School Service
From: 3pm- 6pm

This extraordinary service we offer at Nova Nursery, allows parents to spend genuine quality time with their child and spares them the dilemma of doing homework chores with their children when they themselves are too exhausted.
We know how inconvenient and frustrating it could be when we struggle to find after school trustworthy and reliable childcare
We at Nova succeeded in eliminating this hassle by providing the best after school childcare services.
Our loving professionals watch over your children and help them work out their homework. We make sure that children spend joyful and safe hours until their parents are ready to pick them up.

Our Trips are best linkers to reality
Our well-planned field trips are essential in our interactive learning approach, because they provide our children with hands-on experience, and help them connect what they have learned in classrooms to the real world. Moreover, it strengthens their communication skills with their educators and peers and broadens their understanding of the world around them.
Going to and from by Bus Happily
When it comes to transportation, we are very demanding to the point of being perfectionists. We
only get the best new buses to ensure that our children are safe, comfortable and well taken care of during their daily trip. Accordingly, our bus drivers and matrons are carefully chosen to meet our expectations and be assured that our children are safe and sound.

Healthy food for healthy minds
Nova’s children are provided with delicious healthy meals that are rich in nutrients (breakfast-snack-lunch).
We serve variable tasty dishes that appeal to our children’s tastes to widen their preferences in food choices.
Classrooms that feel just like home
Nova classrooms are carefully designed to develop and nurture your child’s uniqueness. Inside these classes. Our teachers identify your child’s inner wizard and teach him/her that with persistence, patience, and teamwork one can do wonders.
Because Nova’ classes have low teacher-to-student ratios, our teachers are able to focus on and identify each and every child’s learning style, whether they’re visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners, to help them become better performers in their classes.

Our Philosophy
Our programs and educators are passionately dedicated to preparing your child to smoothly adapt later to school life. As we build on their fundamental skills and individual strengths that help them learn faster and integrate better with their peers.

Our Teachers
Our staff of teachers and assistants are dedicated to building a cherished two-way relationship with your child that is based on caring, trust and mutual respect.
Our approaches to make our children happy and eager to come and join their peers every single day vary, according to each child’s personality and needs.

Nova-Parents partnership.
We at Nova Nursery, partner with you, because, we believe that raising and nurturing children is a mutual responsibility and that each and every detail counts in building up your child’s outstanding personality. Therefore, we encourage daily communication.
We are also very keen that you share the experience of our fun-filled events, celebrations, and trips that we organize at Nova, as it means the world to THEM.

Yes! We prepare them to become trilingual speakers
It is definitely a globalized world. So, mastering more than one language has become prominent to land higher academic and professional opportunities that your child surely deserves.

Exposing your child to other languages does wonders, as it enhances their ability to concentrate, focus, memorize and store information much easier and faster, and get to open up to other cultures as well.

Our English & French teachers speak and interact with your child on a daily basis. By language immersion rather than language classes, they get to love the languages, learn the meaning of its words and use its expressions smoothly and naturally.

Triggering their eagerness to learn
There is no better way to enhance and strengthen your child’s skills than engaging him/her in various interactive games and well-designed activities. A happy child is more eager, willing and enthusiastic to learn and acquire new information.

Helping them towards becoming added values.
Educating children isn’t just about providing them with basic knowledge and fundamental sciences. It’s about building up their social and emotional skills to help them become added values to their societies.
Nova is your child’s mini-community that helps them endorse and boost these skills.

Believing in their abilities and building upon them.
We use critical and analytical thinking on a daily basis.
Like any other basic skills, they can be further developed and enhanced at a very early age.

Promoting these skills helps children make better future decisions, evaluate and solve problems and overcome possible difficulties and challenges.

Our role is to help them build upon these skills by engaging them in various recreational games and activities, from solving puzzles to building towers and creating cars with cubes.

Nova Children are Environmentally Aware.
Sustaining the environment is no doubt a collective responsibility. We at Nova, realize that one of our major responsibilities is to educate our children to appreciate nature and conserve its resources in a most simplified and engaging manner, such as nurturing and appreciating plants and flowers and smarter water consumption.

Teamwork Spirit.
We help our children to cooperate with their peers through the teamwork building, which is THE key to achieving harmonious and fulfilling relationships. Endorsing and building these skills in preschoolers helps them grow as interactive and influential individuals.

Empathy and Caring.
Children are born angels by nature. We work upon encouraging and enhancing their natural inborn empathy, their tolerance, and their love to help and appreciate others despite their differences. A caring child is sure to have a balanced lovable personality and is more capable of achieving success at all levels.

Self Reliance and Independence.
Our educators know how to help your child to become an independent individual gradually and smoothly by building up their self-esteem.

Safety is Our Top Priority.
Keeping your child safe and sound is a big job that requires paying attention to the tiniest details.
We at Nova know how to take good care and nurture your child every single moment.

Nova’s Outdoors.
Our Fun games and daily sports and exercises are carried out in the garden if the weather allows! It is where your child enjoys healthy sun rays while learning through fun and games.
Our garden is an ideal place where your child’s environmental and nature-preserving awareness is raised through fun-farming activities.

Highly Trained Preschool Teachers.
We know how important it is to invest generously and cleverly in teacher training. That’s why we host every six months the largest early childhood teacher training program in Egypt. Our teachers are dedicated to developing your child’s potential and are sensitive to your child’s individual needs.

Monthly fees:
Limited Offer: 4000 LE instead of 5000.

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