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Photo taken from the nursery of children in 1958, they used to sleep in the cold but were buried to improve children’s immunity ✋

And what proves that we exaggerate the heating inside the houses and the closing and the lack of ventilation in homes, schools and nurseries is the main reason for the weak immunity of our children ?

Naturally, we warm the child’s body in the winter, but we must take care not to exaggerate the warmth, and we feel the child’s difference between winter and summer.

Because it is very natural for a child in the first years that he brings him a cold because his immunity does not know any virus or microbe, so this, his transmission is cold, but the difference between children is the ability of their bodies to eliminate the disease and recover from it because they are not tired of it because it is impossible ✌
*All activities offer you, Montessori
* Jolly Phoenix application
* A special interest in the religious aspect
* Development of skills, behavior modification, and communication

Monthly Fees For Baby = 400 L.E
Monthly Fees above 4 years = 350 L.E

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