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Our start was in July 2019
Our dream is that we are working to restore lost values, morals, customs and traditions to the Egyptian society, not just an educational role
Our dream is that we make up for the mother’s role while she is at work
Our dream is that we create an educated, creative and creative child

We rely on the idea of ​​combining education and play so that information is fully absorbed taking into account the mental differences and the absorptive capacity of each child separately.

We have very distinguished T-shirts and nanny who are able to attract the child’s attention and speed of adapting to the academy.

Activities vary in the academy, making it a fertile and enjoyable area for children. We target the age group from three months to twelve years
We are distinguished by an interesting way of teaching, through dealing with more than one educational curriculum in addition to the Montessori curriculum, as well as a curriculum for etiquette
And our curriculum group is distinguished by it includes four different levels which are:
From one to two years
From two years to three years
From three years to four years
From four years to five years
sport activities
Gymnastics (general/rhythmic)
Karate _ ballet _ aerobics _ Zumba
We have a distinguished group of trainers

Educational activities
Foundation courses in languages
Arabic _ English _ French

– special breeding
– Skills development
– Intelligence tests
– Developing talented abilities
– Learning difficulties
– Sensory integration
– Dynamic psychology
– Massage
– Therapeutic _ relaxation _ cosmetic

Monthly Fees = 600 L.E
Half Monthly Fees = 350 L.E
Hourly Hosting = 20 L.E
Daily Hosting = 50 L.E

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