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About us :
Date of Establishment:7/15/2016
And the opening was:8/1/2016
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Everything that is special and new for your child with a team characterized by professionalism and containment to make from your child a useful leader for himself, his family and his country with a common personality enveloped in love and affection
The mission of incubation
Create a child capable of creativity and innovation, stimulate his skills and education, self-reliance, attention to the psychological aspect, and make him feel safe so that all aspects of his distinctive personality appear so we work to develop them and show the best of them

Features of the nursery
Teaching 4 core subjects
– A well-studied program and a monthly systematic plan to raise the academic level of children
Weekly skills development sessions within the Academy program
– Address and amend behavior under the supervision of the International Academy with you
A special integration department under the supervision of professional specialists to deal with the integration of children
– Quran memorization and Islamic beliefs seminars to take care of the religious side in an easy and simple way under the supervision of a Quran portfolio that is good at dealing with children

Class for Montessori and Skills Development
A mosque for the Academy
– Garden equipped with the most enjoyable motor games for children
– Daily aerobic exercise and aerobic exercise to renew our children and start an alert school day
A bus belonging to the Academy
– Daily, weekly and poetic hosting
Evening period
– Complete security in the Academy through vigilant and strict supervision and surveillance cameras everywhere to increase the level of safety
– Caring for the cleanliness of the place and personal care for the children through dedicated workers for this purpose
T.V Private Hall and Academy Videos
– A place designated for food, to preserve the health of our children and the place system
Celebrate birthdays, special and public occasions in beautiful and pleasant ways

– Monthly fees for ages 9 months to 2 years ( Pampers – putty grinning ) = 500 L.E
– Monthly fees for 2 years and above 450 L.E
– Application fees 50 L.E for the first month only

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