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The mission:
We help the mother, she feels safe for her baby by practicing the child’s normal life and drawing joy on his face, building a social personality and building it. we work for enabling the young generation to explore the concepts of English, French, math, Arabic, science, and technology, in a fun engaging way and safe and convenient environment to help them show their talents and develop their abilities in those fields which creating a space for thinking, creativity, and experiences

2020 BY Mrs. Hana Abdellatif &Mrs. Rawda khedr &Miss.
Eman khedr

Features of the nursery:
Specialized day-care department to develop children’s skills, super-strong ability, and treatment of speech problems (labyrinth – bites – verbal confinement – delayed language development), learning difficulties, speech, autism, hyperactivity, distraction, hearing impairment and cerebral palsy.
Department of behavior modification and treatment of behavioral problems among children
There are speech and development sessions, skills and learning difficulties
Follow-up with physical fitness, diet and general health for children (and with high abilities)
There is a swimming pool for children and adults
Meals 100% homemade
There is a special section for those with exceptional capabilities
There are gymnastics and swimming exercises
Montessori sessions
Birthday parties
Quran memorization and Nur Bayan courses
WhatsApp group to communicate with the mother throughout the day
We welcome children from 3 months
Preparation of the child for school interview
Family counseling, detailed daily and monthly reports and periodic meetings with parents
Door-to-door transfers, outside and inside the first and fifth gatherings, with supervisor presence
Trips and entertainment programs for all ages and with full care

Monthly fees including meals = 1600 L.E
Bus fees: 400 L.E / 600 L.E according to the meeting point.

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