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About us:
Story kid story Nursery
Because nursery school is not just a place to keep your children happy
Oh, because we are not any kindergarteners, the child is very sensitive to feelings, and he can distinguish between good security and comfort and love?
And because in kid story Nursery, they understand the child’s psyche, knowing that the priority is the comfort of the child and he feels that he is loved.
We have a kid story Nursery, you will find every need to progress in an innovative way, through various activities, through which the child can understand in a simple and easy way, and he is also enjoying

Of course, we have in the kid story Nursery to meet all the needs of your child: –
International curriculum
– jolly phonics 3D + VR2
– Arabic + Maths + English
– Daily Quran and Islamic education curriculum
– Smart games to develop children’s skills.
– Montessori Games.
– Rehabilitation of children to accept any school.
– Garden and large game area. Gymnastic games

We also have:
– birthday parties
We also offer various activities for children:
Drawing – handicraft – and a variety of artistic activities – robot programs – English courses *
* daily report
* Weekly plan
* Extra hours.
* Surveillance cameras
* The possibility of waiting for the child after school
Each is presented in a different and distinct way

Monthly Fees = 400 L.E

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