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About us:
– The first fully equipped nursery and hotel in one place in Egypt.
– The reason we’re named hostel: Because our service is not only limited to morning periods, but also children can stay for a night or more, which is a service provided for the first time in Egypt and the Middle East.
– We receive from the age of newborns until 11 years old.
– Our service continues for 24 hours.
– We provide foreign and Egyptian teachers at the highest level and we prepare children for national and international schools.

We provide:
• English language curriculum
• French language curriculum
• Arabic language curriculum
• Montessori
• Art
• Music
• P.E.

Our Features:
• We receive from the age of newborns until 11 years old.
• Our service is continuous 24 hours.
• Equipped rooms at the highest level.
• Air conditioners
• 24 hours of online cameras in the whole place.
• Sound system to create a calm atmosphere for children.
• Swimming pool
• kids area that includes all the toys and games inside it.
• Nanny in every room
• Separated rooms for boys
• Separated rooms for girls
• Special rooms for newborns
• We provide our children with complete care, healthy food, an educational entertainment program, and various activities.

– Is there a medical clinic?
Yes, once a week and she could come at any time for any emergency.

– Are there daily meals?
Yes, there are meals for the nursery
For the morning there are 3 meals
• Breakfast
• Lunch
• Snacks
And for the evening there are two meals
• Snacks
• Dinner
The full-day includes 5 meals with all nutrients
From meat, poultry, vegetables, starches, and fruits…

Monthly Fees for the nursery as below :
– Morning period (8 hours from 8 am to 4 pm) 2,500 EGP
– Evening period from (1 pm to 8 pm) 2,500 EGP
– And there is additional time after 8 hours, the first and second hours will be 75 EGP for one hour, and then the third hour will be 50 EGP.

Tuition fees for the Hotel:
– The day is 24 hours, including meals, will be 500 EGP
– And the time to leave or (check out) will be at 12:00 pm and after that, the extra hours will be charged.
– Half a day, which is 12 hours, will be 400 EGP including meals and entertainment program for children

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