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*If you turn your child to a place that takes advantage of him and adds to him every day a new need ? This post remains for you ?? We are not a regular nursery ❤️ Like any kind of custody You may have seen it before so we are a nursery that takes care of all that your child takes care of until the tablet ❌ Which we all keep our children away For him, *we employed him in a need that would benefit him, so if he needed to hold him, his interest in him would be different.
*English section / French section / German section
*Quran memorization in Tajweed / Arabic language in the light of a statement
*Zumba / Aerobics and other needs
*Surprisingly, we do not accept more than 7 children in the class only, I mean, your son, we will take care of him as if he is the only child
Really book a place for your son so the preparation is really limited

Monthly Fees = 1000 L.E

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