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The first specialized nursery to develop the skills of children and those with special needs, behavior modification, and treatment of speech and speech problems.

The mission:-
We help your kid to have a completely normal life because special needs deserve special care With our care and draw their smile again.

Features of the nursery: –
Specialized daycare department to develop the skills of children with special needs and treatment of speech problems (stuttering, stings, verbal aphasia, language development delay), learning difficulties, speech, autism, hyperactivity, distraction, hearing impairment and cerebral palsy.
Department of behavior modification and treatment of behavioral problems among children.
There are speech sessions, skills development, learning difficulties and evening sensory integration throughout the week
Follow-up on fitness, diet and general health for people with special needs.
Follow-up with neuroscience and a nutritionist.
A room equipped to develop the senses of children with sensory disorders.
Family counseling, detailed daily and monthly reports, and meetings with parents on a regular basis.
IQ tests and evaluation of all cases before starting the treatment program.
Door to door transfers outside and inside 6th of October City with supervision.
Trips and entertainment programs for all ages, with full care.

There is no medical clinic.
There are no daily meals.
Weekly vacation on Friday and Saturday with extra fees.
Monthly Fees = 2500 LE
Bus fees, depending on location, start from 400 to 900 pounds

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