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Custody seeks to achieve the goal of the home and custody meanings because our vision is that the goal of the home and custody is one and it is strong, ethical, ethical, educational, and physical.
Our mission is to reach the goal in the shortest possible time and support the family to reach the same goal
⛅ Languages ​​with international curricula ? English, French, Arabic ??
⛅ Memorization of the Qur’an in the manner of light al-Bayan, hadiths, and honorable Sunnah
⛅ Simplified subjects from Kg1 & kg 2 (Maths-Science) curriculum ??
Special interest in all types of arts (drawing, handcraft, gypsum coloring, clay)
⛅ We provide languages ​​in a jolly phonics way
⛅ Application of the International Montessori Curriculum
⛅ Monthly trips and parties ?
Hosting for children
⛅ Baby Class Equipment Sports activities (aerobics – Gombaz – Karate)
⛅ After schooling application
Courses for children
Monthly Fees = 200 L.E

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