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About us:
Based on 1/9/2019
We aim to develop educational, psychological, social and healthy sides for our kids
We provide evening and morning periods for hosting our kids
Our curriculum(English _phonics_math_science _Arabic_Quran)
Daily home works
Weekly reports we don’t serve meals but we look after our children’s food
It must be healthy and variety
Our vacations: Friday and Saturday
The mission of foster care is to produce a normal child who can benefit himself and his community and build a healthy family, and thus a healthy community
One of the advantages of the nursery is teaching Arabic using the method of light, statement, and Quran, with daily intonation, hadiths, dhikr, and belief
* There is a French department
* There is an evening period
* We Have a bus
There are daily assignments, and at the end of each month there are tests to measure the level of children

Monthly fees = 300 L.E

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