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About Us:
-It is the largest nursery on the level of Ezbet Al-Nakhl, Ain Shams and Al-Marj. In the nursery there is everything the child needs of entertainment, educational means, and the development of mind skills

Educational system & Features :
1- Through a special curriculum for the nursery school and by specialized teachers
2- Education is done using the Montessori system and Noor al-Bayan, which is teaching the child through mental games
3- A weekly test is conducted to monitor the child’s condition and progress.
4- The child is given a follow-up book among the books, which is what makes the guardian familiar with all the activities of the child throughout the day
5- Accepted from the age of 3 months until the establishment of the child
6- Fully air-conditioned nursery for your child’s comfort

Entertainment system :
1- The largest nursery in terms of space at the level of the palm estate
2- There are four adult halls for children, equipped with all the needs of the child
3- There are three bathrooms in the nursery, a private bathroom for boys, a private bathroom for girls, and a shared bathroom
4- The largest area of garden on the level of nurseries Izbat Al Nakhl
5- There are cameras everywhere to follow and keep children
6-We have birthday parties and are fully prepared for all occasions
7- There is a specialist speech and health awareness and constantly monitoring the child’s health status
8- There is a hall dedicated to the baby named Paradise for Children.
9- There is music education, drawing, coloring, zumba, and kindergarten
10- There are two morning and evening periods
11- There is a teacher hosting
12- There are 5 stages of water filter.
13- Free parties throughout the year
14- Monthly group birthday parties for the month’s babies
15- Activity materials are free without any burden on parents
16- Special uniforms
17- safe Bus with a supervisor to serve the district revival

Timing :
_ From 07:00 Am To 14:00 Pm
_ From 10:00 Am To 16:00 Pm
_ Extra hours until 19:00 pm ( The first 2 Hrs by 100 L.E then each Hr by 100 L.E

Tuition Fees :
Monthly Fees as following :
_ From age 3 month to 2 years\half = 550 L.E
_ From 3 Years to above = 450 L.E

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