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About us:
Where learning is more fun.
we will learn together insha2allah:
– Quraan Kareem using the spelling method so as the child will be able to recite Quraan correctly and by using ALO’LO’ WAL FAYROZ method so as the child will easily memorize the Quraan.

– Islamic Studies including Akida, Islamic manners, hadith, and seerah using stories from Quraan and Sunnah
– Arabic: we are teaching Nor Al Bayan & TANWEER so the child will be able to read in a short time
– English: we are teaching oxford method and phonics so the kids will learn how to read, write and speak English all the class time
– Math & Geometry the kids will be able to recognize the numbers and count easily also some mathematical skills and shapes
– Science: the kids will learn about things around like senses, animals …….etc.

Everything will be done using educational games and puzzles to make it easier and more fun.

Monthly fees: 1600 LE including meals.

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