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About us:
Dream Kids Academy offers the best educational, entertainment, artistic and sports curricula
Our goal is to modify the child’s behavior, develop his skills, and address sessions with a specialist doctor
Our interest in learning
We study the Arabic language in the light of the statement, memorizing the Qur’an, teaching prophetic sayings, politeness, and the biography of the prophets
We study English / Math

Our interest in developing skills
Doing entertaining activities in an interesting and fun way to attract the attention of the child
Developmental, visual, auditory and motor skills using the Montessori Method and Tools
Focus on the child’s abilities and dependence on his senses
And discover his talents
Our interest in sports
Because it is not only a way to win and achieve championships, it is a new spirit, fun, lifestyle, start and satisfy the child’s kinetic energy.
The child’s participation in gymnastics, taekwondo, and karate by specialists in sporting activities.

Our interest in artistic and recreational activities
Teaching drawing, coloring methods, drawing on pottery and glass, artwork, hand made and craft and accessories works

Our interest in health
Our first goal is to create a child in a healthy and psychological environment, and therefore we are interested in the medical and psychological examination of our children

Monthly fees: 500 L.E

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