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the mission :
The nursery is the first step in a child’s learning, so we provide him with information in a way of learning through play, and it is one of the modern educational and pedagogical means, which depends on taking advantage of the impact of games on students and working to transform this effect into a positive and beneficial means of education for them in terms of social, psychological and cultural And healthy.

Date of Establishment: 2014
Features of the nursery:
Disneyland Academy Desnyland Academy offers you with love and interest:
Memorization of the Holy Quran.
– Teaching English.
– Teaching the French language.
– Montessori.
– skills development.
– talk.
– Behavior Modification.
– sports activities.
– Music.
– Draw.
– 3 healthy meals.
– Visiting a doctor.
– Surveillance cameras in the entire nursery.
– Daily and monthly report on activities and skills acquired by the child.

Monthly Fees: 1800 L.E
Daily hosting: 150 L.E

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