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Colours Early Learning Centre is situated in a unique property in Roushdy . Our nursery is designed to suit the needs of young children, with large bright play rooms, all complete with modern indoor equipment.

Our gardens of 5000 m2 offer a variety of age appropriate climbing frames, as well as stimulating features and sensory play areas, such as water features, sand pits, playhouses, swings and natural play ground.

Colours provides a balanced approach to learning, giving you the peace of mind that your child will have fun as s/he develops socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

We give your child the tools to become confident and self-aware.

Our passionate and engaging teachers give your child endless opportunities to grow, learn and imagine.

Our children will explore nature, as we believe that young children learn best through hands -on experiences, structured and free play.

We use a theme based curriculum that changes monthly, which gives us the opportunity to incorporate academics, current events as well as the children’s interests into our learning environment.

Please come and see for yourself what we have to offer.

The Mission of Colours Early Learning Centre is to provide a warm and encouraging atmosphere that enhances self-concept, instills basic moral values, encourages social interaction, and enriches awareness of the natural and cultural world.
We believe children learn through their play.
Staff members strive to be aware of each child’s needs and learning readiness, and attempt to meet these needs through a wide range of preschool activities.

Through art, music, nature, creative movement, sensory materials, free and dramatic play, cooking, science, stories, field trips, and outdoor play, the children explore the environment and become knowledgeable and comfortable in their interactions with the world.

With an emphasis on verbal enrichment during the preschool years, we make the most of opportunities to interest the child in books and words, providing varied play-based experiences, to prepare the child
emotionally, socially, intellectually, and educationally for
the formal school years.

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