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About us:
– We are the ideal choice for your child…
best education services, teaching fresh and English by foreign teachers in addition to the Arabic language.

In our nursery, we believe young children learn by doing and know our young students must learn some powerful skills to succeed in the future.
Learning about peace, nonviolence, and conflict resolution occurs when children experience living in a peaceful community.

Our Activities:
Sport Section
Participation in sports by children and adolescents is associated with a range of documented physical, educational, and benefits that can last into adulthood. Increasingly, while others are locked out due to a lack of resources or access to the program.
This study investigates how much time preschool children spend being physically active and engaged in screen-based entertainment. The study reports compliance with the recently released Australian recommendations for physical activity.

Entertainment Section
A garment or dress having detachable pockets on each side of the front of the garment. The pockets can be used in their fashion for retaining objects placed therein by the wearer or can be detached from garment to be used as hand puppets by the wearer.

Assessment Section
The invention comprises a pull-over type of wrap-around garment or dress to be worn by a child and having pockets on each side. The pockets can be used in their normal fashion for retaining objects placed therein by the child

Chaperon Manager: Mr. Aisha Hassan holds a Diploma in Business Administration and a Diploma in Children’s Education. She has a good counselor in child-rearing and family relations and has set up a range of nurseries and children with the help of thousands of mothers and training them in easy and proper education for a generation of conscious kids

Our Programs:

Duration varies • Price varies
zumba.quoran.karate.homework and studying

English &frensh conversation.
Duration varies • Price varies
Teaching English, French, and Arabic by foreign teachers

Duration varies • Price varies
Three healthy meals to empower your child’s body and mind.

Monthly fees:
– 2000 LE full-time
– 1550 LE Part-time/12 Days.

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