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Baraem Taiba School welcomes all new and old parents to join the school family and thank them for the trust given to the school administration and promise to provide a satisfactory performance level to God Almighty and then to parents.

And we believe in the role of home in the educational process of the child because the education of children is a common message between the school and the home and not the school alone as we make clear that our reference in dealing with everyone from the book of Allah – the Almighty – and the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and that our aim is to educate The new generation is armed with the Holy Quran and the prophetic morals in addition to excellence in diverse cultural sciences.

Vision & Mission
Our focus is to cultivate our future generations. Recognized by their religion, and possessing the ability to interact within society through a world renown system of exceptional Islamic morals, Islamic creed, Modern subjects and Advanced Technology, our students implement The Holy Quran, The Sunnah of The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Salaam) with a focus on the importance of World Class Education. The Braem Tibbah Family is governed by educational leaders who bring forth a vast array of talents, skills and abilities. We attest to our mission of “Academic and Religious Excellence!”

Interests of Quran memorization, reading proficiency and understanding its meanings, with regard to the level of the students.
Providing pupils with the Islamic and Arabic culture, beside knowledge and experience in accordance with the approved plans and curricula of Al-Azhar.
Developing methodologies of learning, methods of evaluation and the examination systems, as well as the administration aspects to ensure achievement of Al-Azhar message.
Paying attention to the religious activities, as well as, mental, physical and cultural demands.
The Islamic appropriate upbringing of students as valid models of Islam and its guidance.
Promoting levels of students during the summer vacation, and notifying the institutes sector by dates of starting the activities and its fees.
Services of ‘The Summer Club’ as source of educational and cultural aspects.
Expansion of teaching English as an additional language of the Arab section as well as the Azharian books.
Language school curricula, are supervised by the Ministry of education, for language schools are approved.
Learning French, as an additional language, beginning in fourth grade primary will be a suc


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