Aspect Academy

Aspect Academy

Languages and Technology Education

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Aspect Academy aims:
1- To provide various training courses in computer and its different programs like (ICDL)
2- To improve language skills (English,the European, the Asian and the Eastern Languages) in addition to providing training on the Administrative, commercial areas, and E-marketing.
2- To develop a plan for each individual trainee and how to develop him \her properly in less time to meet the challenges of the labor market.
3- To deal with governmental agencies and private companies to assist in the development of the employees and hence the development of production processes within different associations.
4- To try to access the protocols of cooperation with the Arab countries to provide courses, trainers and curriculums within the academy to centers and institutions in the Arab countries.
5- All trainers and instructors are accredited and certified with international certificates to help in the development of the educational process

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