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Speech Therapist , Skills development , behaviors.

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Our interest in our children is not only about eating, drinking and dressing, but also that we are directing them right and making sure that they are able to face the world around them is also important to us and we at ABC_Center_El_Maadi we help all parents that they understand their children right so they know they guide them also right, because many of us need help I don’t know how to ask and ask from Maine.
#Development of skills and behavior modification is a very important thing that we help our children to develop and develop, as well as speaking to one of the important needs that the mother is keen to address, especially in the beginning.

Our service:
1- Speech Therapist
2- Academic tests
3- Diagnostic tests
4- IQ tests
5- Family counseling
6- Psychological and educational counseling
7- Learning difficulties
8- Behavior modification
9- skills development

First session fees: 250 LE, after that the session is for: 150

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