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The Step Academy vision:
place of creativity and innovation by catching the progress of the development while preserving the values of the past.

The Step Academy advantages are specialized in a high level of education with lots of joy by both the types of equipment and experts to provide the highest level of comfort and knowledge with equal

The Step Academy contains curriculum of Arabic “Nour Al Bayan” – English “Oxford” – French.

Providing the child with correct social and life experiences and building a strong creative and innovative personality.

Trips – Competitions – Celebrations – Cooking – Educational guidance – in addition to a package of training courses which specially designed to suit your child’s skills and capabilities in various fields

The Academy provides Children hosting for all-day except Friday
unique Academy That delivers the hosting includes variable activities, Chosen by both The child or his mother to develop his skills during the time of hosting.

The Step Academy follows the Montessori curriculum for Lecture.

The Academy provides Quran, Literature and Etiquette memorization courses for individuals and groups
Workshops – Gymnastics, Ballet, Karate, Taekwondo, Zumba, and Aerobics.

A child educational upgrading program specially designed to pass language schools Admission tests.

The academic programs also include trips and workshops for children in the Alexandria Library (Biblioteca Alexandrina) under the full supervision of the Academy out of our belief in Responsibility with the parents to participate with them in taking part in their role in enhancing the child’s capabilities and skills.

All this led by a group of the highest experts in education in Egypt and the Middle East.
Under the administration of Professor Aziza Qutb, who holds the Medal of The Role Modle, a Medal for Teachers and Ideal Education by Royal Family on UAE,

where Professor Aziza worked as an educational expert for more than three decades in the United Arab Emirates before returning to found the Step Academy and devoted her to managing the Academy.

The Academy provides all emergency health care services in cooperation with the largest hospitals in Alexandria in addition to periodic checks with a paediatrician every month and in cases of influenza infection and infectious diseases in Alexandria in addition to the possibility of working health insurance packages for subscribers and their families in all medical specialities.
Fees : 600

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