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Start Smart Academy ادعى

start smart academy

متوسط الاستعراضات



we start at 8 o’clock. We play and run and then we eat and breakfast, and then we take Quran, hadiths and chants with our companions.
And then we start in the academy, which all of our curricula are based, but on the playing system, I mean, we will learn, uh, we will learn, but in a way each child is reached according to his skills.
This is in the Phoenix, the Mathe, and the Light of the Manifesto.
During the week, the child changes Joe in many activities .. Zumba Altntit .. Science and Experiences Club… develop skills according to lists and programs for each child

Drawing and coloring activity … hand craft … coking
And this is only a weekly report on the needs that the child takes in every need from countries.
And in order to say the most important thing .. Our monthly party that lets us run and play with the characters, and not just the stories and the puppet theater is the masterpiece
In order to nag the academy with the distinction of having a complete Montessori class and containing more than 200 activities

We also have family and educational consultations
Psychological counseling
-Stanford Binet Intelligence Test fifth image

Skills development sessions
Monthly Fees = 500 L.E

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